On Not Knowing Where the Last Year and Change Went

I used to blog all the time. I love writing. To the mortal embarrassment of some family, I enjoy processing my thoughts and putting them out there. Sometimes I say profound things that I’m proud of. Sometimes I say really dumb stuff, and I look back and cringe.

I haven’t been very consistent at blogging for a while now – and I can absolutely blame it on the big social media. It’s so easy to upload a photo and some words, or just words, and VOILA! Your friends and family and maybe some cultivated strangers can see it. It’s instant gratification for everyone. But I’ve been sharing less on social media – except for cat photos. It’s a space that’s not mine. I’m tired of so much there – from feeling obligated to have certain people follow me, to knowing that my content is being monetized. It broke my heart last year when I realized that I didn’t know how to get ahold of a childhood friend because they had deactivated their social media. So I guess, if I’m going to shout out into a void, it might as well be my void.

So if you stumble on this, pull up a chair. Let’s chat.