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Monthly Media Roundup – April 2020

Let’s be honest here, this is a roundup of the meager amount of books I’ve read this month. I don’t know how this pandemic is treating you, but the days feel like they take forever, but simultaneously, I’m getting nothing done half the time.

Time just is, and I’m just existing, but if I zoom out at a month’s view, I’m not sure I feel like I accomplished anything meaningful.

But it’s a pandemic, and people keep saying that’s okay, so I’ll take their word on it.

That said, apologies for the silence.

I only (only?) finished four books this month, and I wasn’t super-duper-crazy about any of them. While I understand that Barnes & Noble chose their books of the month well in advance of global pandemic, right now is not necessarily the best time for heavy books. (At least in my opinion)

Of the four I read, I think “A Good Neighborhood” would be the winner. It was a good book, and I did enjoy it. However, it was a very sad book, compounded by the knowledge from page one that something very bad was coming. So it was an entire book of holding your breath, waiting for the imminent train wreck, not sure where it’s going to come from, dreading the results.

I wasn’t super crazy about “Daisy Jones and the Six”, largely because of the style. It was written in a long form interview format – and because of that, what could have been an emotionally gripping story felt like it was kept at arm’s length, because we couldn’t get inside the characters’ heads. I wanted to like it, but the more I sit with it, the more the whole thing just fell flat for me. I think the interview format could have been really interesting, if used a little more sparingly. But I applaud the author for taking a risk – and certainly a number of people love the book, so it’s just my opinion here!

But let’s be honest here – the thing I’ve been spending the most consistent time on is Animal Crossing. I continue to love the living daylights out of that game. It’s peaceful and soothing in a way you don’t typically associate with video games. I enjoy talking to my animal neighbors, attempting to cross breed my flowers, and finding new fossils for Blathers. I have to admit, I wake up in the morning and when the realization hits me that I can go play Animal Crossing, that is what gets me to throw the blankets off and jump out of bed.

It’s a strange time we’re in.

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